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Propane Fireplace and Hearth Products for Your Home

Enjoy Cozy Warmth Any Time of the Day or Night!

There’s so much more that propane can do for your home besides providing warmth and heating water.

The experienced professionals at PitStop Fuels can help you enhance the quality of life in your southern Maine home with propane fireplaces and hearth products.

Because we’re a local business with an understanding of Maine homes and what our customers want, we’re the best choice for helping you select the right propane fireplace and hearth products so that you can enjoy the comfort, ease and convenience that come with them.

Propane Fireplaces and Hearths for Your Home

We Mainers are pretty used to frigid winter weather. That makes us appreciate the pleasures of coming home and relaxing in front of a fire.

What we don’t always appreciate is the work that goes into building a wood fire: buying or chopping firewood, lugging it into the house (especially when it’s snowing or sleeting out), building the fire, waiting for it to get going and warm up the room, and later dealing with cleaning up the ashes and soot.

You get all the heat without all the hassle when you have a propane fireplace or freestanding stove. Just press a button or flip a switch and you have that cozy warmth, glow and ambience.

Thanks to improved technology, the flames of a propane fireplace or freestanding stove more closely resemble a wood fire than ever before.

Plus, propane fireplaces and freestanding stoves can also give you things that you can’t get with a wood fire, including:

  • Adjustable heat settings with multi-stage temperature controls
  • Blowers to help warm large spaces, like open family rooms
  • Programmable temperature settings

What you don’t get is particulates from wood smoke, which can damage your health and the environment.

Whether you choose a vented propane fireplace, a vent-free propane fireplace or a propane freestanding stove, PitStop Fuels can install it so that you can enjoy comfort and warmth all winter long. We can also deliver your propane!

Do you want propane fireplace installation in Cumberland County, York County or nearby? Get in touch with the professionals at PitStop Fuels!