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Cooking With A Propane Stove: What’s So Great About It?

Make cooking easier and better!

cooking propane range maineAre cooking shows your television version of comfort food? Join the crowd.

Whether its competition shows like “Chopped” or how-to shows like “Barefoot Contessa” and “Pioneer Woman,” you will notice that virtually all of the cooking is done with gas ranges, cooktops, and ovens.

The pros know why gas is the way to go when it comes to cooking.

You may have thought that you couldn’t cook with gas if your home didn’t have a natural gas connection. But you can, with propane delivered by PitStop Fuels!

Propane lets you take control of your cooking

Think about how an electric stove works. You turn it on and wait…and wait…for the burners to reach the desired setting. Want to adjust it? Even more waiting.

But when you cook with a propane stoves, the flame is instantly at the precise setting you want it to be. And if you need to adjust the temperature up or down, you get that adjustment immediately. That precision can make a difference in your cooking. Want the temperature somewhere between medium and medium-high? Propane can do that! Electric stoves can only go to set levels, so your temperature could be too high, which leads to burning, or too low, which leads to slower cooking and less browning.

One great feature available on propane stoves is a long center burner that accommodates griddles or grill pans and heats them evenly. Whether it’s weekend pancakes or weeknight grilled chicken breasts, that center burner makes it easy! Propane stoves also offer features like sealed burners for easier cleaning and convection ovens.
A propane oven preheats faster, while also providing a moister heat. That moisture can help prevent holiday roasts from drying out. Broiling is neater, cleaner, and less smoky as well.

Lower your energy costs in the kitchen

Propane is also a less expensive, more efficient way to cook. Compared to electric stoves, propane stoves can cost 30% less to operate! That’s some sweet savings.

How is that possible? Some of those savings comes from faster preheating of the oven and quicker stovetop heating. Plotless ignitions on propane stoves mean you’re using less propane, making the fuel in your tank last longer and saving you even more money.

So come on, splurge on that rib roast!

Count on PitStop Fuels for fast, reliable propane delivery to fuel the range for your next exquisite meal for two. Become a customer today—and experience the PitStop difference!