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The Benefits Of Enrolling In A Budget Plan

Take Control Of Your Fuel Costs!

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After this past year, a lot of us are looking at ways to make life better—and a little easier, too. One thing we’ve all likely considered is how to manage our money more efficiently.

PitStop Fuels can help with exactly that. Our EZ Pay budget plan, along with other pricing and payment options, take much of the work and worry out of managing your heating oil or propane costs.

How Does EZ Pay Work?

Look up the last year of your heating oil or propane statements. You will likely see that your usage, and thus your bill, can fluctuate a great deal over the course of a calendar year.

It’s also likely that your fuel costs are typically highest in the winter when you’re using propane or heating oil to heat your home. Coincidentally that is also when you are dealing with expenses from the holidays and the upcoming tax season.

This roller coaster of fuel costs can make it hard to plan your household budget. What makes EZ Pay so great is you get to get off that roller coaster. We take your annual fuel costs and spread them out over 12 easy, even monthly payments!

You’ll know each month exactly how much you’ll have to pay for your propane or heating oil. No spikes, no surprises. Planning your household spending becomes much easier.

Multiple Alternative Plans Are Also Available!

EZ Pay is one of several ways you can take control of your heating oil and propane costs with PitStop Propane and Fuels.

AutoPay automatically deducts your monthly payment from your checking account or credit card. Your payment is always on time. And if you use a credit card with a rewards program, you’ll earn those rewards faster!

Heating oil customers can also control their heating oil costs for the winter with our Locked-In Plan, where you purchase a set amount of heating oil at an agreed-upon price per gallon.

No matter what happens with heating oil prices over the winter, your price won’t go up!

Ready for the ease and convenience of our EZ Pay budget plan? Contact us today to enroll!