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home heating tips

Heating Your Home: Five Efficiency Tips

October 19, 2020

Stay warm while saving on energy costs! We’re starting to feel a nip in the air here in the Seacoast region. You may have had to turn on your home’s furnace or boiler on a few …

cooking propane range

Cooking With A Propane Stove: What’s So Great About It?

October 12, 2020

Make cooking easier and better! Are cooking shows your television version of comfort food? Join the crowd. Whether its competition shows like “Chopped” or how-to shows like “Barefoot Contessa” and “Pioneer Woman,” you will notice that virtually …

diesel fuel

How To Find A Reliable Diesel Fuel Delivery Company

October 5, 2020

Look no further than PitStop Fuels for your diesel fuel needs Diesel fuel is a vital fuel that helps keep southern Maine’s economy running strong. Businesses here that rely on diesel fuels include, but are not …

heating oil vs natural gas

Oil Vs. Natural Gas Heating: Get The Facts

September 30, 2020

What’s best for YOUR home? If you’re building a new home or need to replace the heating system in your current home, you face a choice when it comes to what fuel to use to heat …

water heater element

Is Your Water Heater Failing? Know The Noticable Signs

September 21, 2020

When to consider replacing your old water heater! When it comes to replacing your home’s water heater, the worst time to do it is when you’re forced to because your current water heater has failed. But …

How To Use Propane To Save Money This Winter

September 14, 2020

Save money and stay comfy! Summer is coming to an end here in southern Maine and Mainers like you are getting ready for both a crisp fall and the cold of winter ahead. Speaking of cold, this …

gas furnace

Can Your Furnace Replacement Wait Until Next Year?

September 7, 2020

Don’t take a chance on a breakdown this winter There are unmistakable signs that summer is ending and cooler weather is coming: The sweaters becoming more and more prominent on shopping sites. Halloween candy is stocked …

natural gas vs propane

Propane Vs. Natural Gas: What’s The Difference?

August 24, 2020

Which fuel is better for me? If you’re considering using gas-fired appliances in your home such as a furnace, water heater, or range, you may be wondering why this question is being asked. Gas is gas, …

propane tank 80 20 rule

The 80/20 Tank Fill Rule: What’s That?

August 17, 2020

A quick lesson on the science of propane Have you ever checked your propane tank gauge after PitStop Fuels has made a propane delivery to your home and thought that we made a mistake because your …

propane fireplace and hearth

Propane Hearth Products To Warm Up Your Home This Fall

August 10, 2020

Enjoy warmth and comfort without the hassle While we’re enjoying a great summer here in southern Maine, there’s no denying that cooler and, eventually colder, weather is getting nearer. And when that time comes, there’s nothing …