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Boiler Troubleshooting 101: A Homeowner’s Guide

Easy Fixes That Could Save You a Service Call!

boiler repair maineMaine winters are no picnic. The last thing you want is a boiler or furnace malfunction in the middle of a cold snap—or worse—in the middle of the night. It’s why you should never skip your annual tune-up! That’s the best way to make sure your boiler or furnace is running at peak efficiency when you need it most. Plus, in addition to helping keep heating costs down, regular maintenance also prevents many of the problems that lead to breakdowns.

But what if your heat goes out unexpectedly? Don’t panic. There’s often an easy fix to certain common problems. This easy troubleshooting guide may help you avoid a service call.

No Heat or Poor Heating

Sometimes the solutions are quite simple. For example, the system switch may have accidentally gotten turned off. You’d be surprised how many times we hear of this happening!

Also, make sure you didn’t run out of fuel entirely.
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Start with the common causes and fixes first, such as the thermostat and pilot light, and work through this list:

Some Radiators Aren’t Heating

If the problem is one or more radiators not producing heat even though the boiler system is working fine, make sure you’ve adjusted the radiator valve correctly to produce heat. A faulty circulator or zone valve would cause certain zones to receive hot water and others not, or there may be sludge, deposits or corrosion in the pipes: You’ll need to give us a call.

Strange Noises

If your boiler is rumbling—“kittling” is the official term—there’s lime scale buildup on the heat exchanger, which will need to be cleaned. It will also operate more efficiently once cleaned. If your pipes are making a racket, there could be excess water trapped in the return lines or a faulty circulator pump. While most noise issues don’t cause a boiler to suddenly stop heating, they can be annoying. One of our pros can pinpoint the problem and correct it. In addition to peace and quiet, you’ll get improved efficiency and longer boiler lifespan.

Water Leak

If you see water leaking around the boiler, call us right away. Water pooling around a radiator may indicate a faulty relief valve, faulty pump or other issue, and leaks can lead to mold and water damage in your home.

If none of those steps resolves the problem, contact us and we’ll dispatch a technician to get you up and running as soon as possible. PitStop Propane and Fuels not only provides safe and professional installation and service of propane and heating oil-fired appliances, but we can also deliver the fuels to run them! Get in touch with us today to learn more.