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Convert Your Home To Propane – Here’s Why

Discover the difference clean, green, versatile propane can make in your residence!

convert to propane southern maineWhether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home here in southern Maine, converting it to run on propane is a great idea for many reasons.

PitStop Fuels is here to make it easy for you. First, you know that you can count on us for reliable, safe delivery of propane so you’ll always have propane when you need it. We offer automatic delivery, where we track your propane usage and make sure to deliver propane to your home before you ever run low. And you can choose the pricing and payment options that best fit your needs.

We also install propane tanks, too! We only install top-quality, ASME propane tanks. Our propane tank experts will work with you to make sure that your propane tank is the right size for your home, and we’ll safely and properly install your new tank that’ll have your home cozy and comfortable all year-round.

Here are some additional reasons to switch your home to propane.

Propane enhances your quality of life

With propane, you get reliable, even heating from your furnace or boiler.

It allows you to enjoy cozy warmth with a propane fireplace or hearth.

Propane water heaters are more energy-efficient than electric water heaters; getting your water hot faster so there’s less waiting time between showers, not to mention longer lifespans, and a lower average cost of ownership.

Your cooking is elevated with propane ranges, cooktops and ovens, which offer precise and instant temperature control that you’ll never get with electricity.
Propane clothes dryers get your clothes dryer, faster and with fewer wrinkles than electric dryers.

You can enjoy all these benefits without being in a neighborhood with natural gas lines!

Propane is always here for you

When you use propane, you’re not dependent on a utility. If you have natural gas and something happens with a gas line in your neighborhood, you could have no gas, and thus no heat or hot water, for however long the line is out. But because your propane supply is right there at your home, you’ll always have propane.

Propane can also keep your home safe, warm and comfortable during power outages. A propane whole-house backup generator is a reliable, safe way to keep your home’s lights on, your electronics charged, and the food in your fridge safely cold. It also protects anyone in your home who relies on electricity for medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs or home dialysis.

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