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Propane Energy Benefits: An Eco-Friendly Source of Energy for You

eco-friendly propane Southwest Maine

Reduce your bills, and your carbon footprint, with propane from PitStop Fuels!

People here in greater Portland and nearby Southwestern Maine who use propane for home heating, cooking, water heating and more in their homes love propane’s versatility.
But, there’s something else to love about propane: It’s one of the eco-friendliest fuels out there!

Many of us are trying to do better when it comes to reducing our environmental impact. We buy high-mileage hybrid cars. We install programmable thermostats for energy-efficient heating and cooling. We sort our recycling. We compost. We bring reusable bags when we go grocery shopping.

Using propane in our homes helps in those efforts as well!

Propane’s environmental friendliness

Did you know that propane is named as an alternative energy source in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy?

If you’re surprised, it’s time to learn about how using propane benefits the environment.

Fewer emissions. Propane is clean-burning, with a low carbon content and virtually no greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with other petroleum-based fuel sources, propane has lower emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Better efficiency. Propane burns hot and doesn’t waste much energy. That makes propane appliances much more energy-efficient than electric appliances such as water heaters. Today’s high-high efficiency propane appliances reach efficiency levels of up to 98 percent. So you use less energy, reducing your environmental impact. And you can enjoy this efficiency without sacrificing comfort or convenience!

Harmless in a leak. Propane is nontoxic. In the rare event of a propane leak, it simply dissipates into the air without any harm to air, water, soil, aquatic life or plant life.

Businesses are also discovering the environmental benefits of propane. Forklifts and commercial mowers get the job done with fewer emissions and no risk of damaging leaks like what can happen with gasoline and diesel.

Propane autogas not only offers fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel, it helps vehicles like delivery vans, shuttle buses and school buses need less maintenance, and have a longer life.

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