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Propane Indoor Heaters for Your Greater Portland Home

Make Sure All Spaces in Your Home are Warm and Comfortable!

Like many homes around southern Maine, your home may have spots that your furnace or boiler doesn’t reach. These spaces can include:

  • Home additions
  • Finished attics
  • Three-season porches and sunporches
  • Garages

You may have sheds on your property that you’d like to be able to use year-round, maybe as a workshop, an art studio, a man cave or a she shed.

If that’s the case, propane indoor heaters from PitStop Fuels could be the solution that you’re looking for.

At PitStop Fuels, we offer top-quality propane heaters for homes —and we install, maintain and repair them. We also provide the propane delivery that will keep your home warm in all sorts of winter weather.

Vented and Vent-Free Space Heaters

You have options when it comes to space heating.

Vent-free heaters offer the best energy efficiency. But they may deplete oxygen in the room, so you need a heater with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS), which will detect unsafe oxygen levels and immediately shut off the gas flow to the heater’s burner when necessary.

Or you can choose propane wall heaters that vent from the back of the unit into a pipe or a chimney that sends the exhaust safely outside.

You also have a choice in whether you want a propane portable heater or propane wall heaters. Both have advantages in terms of ease of use and installation. The experts at PitStop Fuels can help you decide which one will work best in your space.

Whatever kind of propane indoor space heaters you choose, PitStop will make sure that you know how to operate them safely. We have some critical tips for protecting your family and your home:

  • Keep your propane indoor heater a safe distance away from any combustible material such as bedding, doors, curtains and furniture
  • NEVER leave a propane indoor heater unattended. Make it a habit to turn the heater off every time you leave the room
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors. There should be one on every level of your home, one outside all bedrooms and, most important, one in any room or space where you use propane indoor heaters

If you need indoor propane heaters, PitStop Fuels can help you choose the right one for your space. Contact us today to get started!