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How To Find A Reliable Diesel Fuel Delivery Company

Look no further than PitStop Fuels for your diesel fuel needs

diesel fuel delivery maineDiesel fuel is a vital fuel that helps keep southern Maine’s economy running strong. Businesses here that rely on diesel fuels include, but are not limited to:

Businesses like these need a diesel fuels provider who will always get them their diesel fuels when they need them. For so many southern Maine businesses, that diesel fuels supplier is none other than PitStop Fuels!

PitStop Fuels: dependable, responsive diesel fuels service

For more than 30 years, PitStop Fuels has been serving the needs of local businesses. That experience gives us an advantage in understanding the needs of our commercial clients. Here’s what we provide.

High-quality diesel fuels. Your fleet vehicles and equipment are a huge investment for your business. That’s why you can trust PitStop Fuels. All of our diesel fuel meets or exceeds federal and regional quality standards. We also blend our diesel fuels with high-quality additives, so they perform well in the harshest New England weather.

Dependable bulk diesel delivery. When your business’s vehicles or equipment need their tanks filled, you need to know that you’ll have the diesel on-site to do that. Because we’re based right here in southern Maine, we can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. Our trained, experienced team of diesel delivery drivers are dedicated to getting you your diesel no matter what the weather.

Prompt and personal service. PitStop Fuels’ customer service is so much more than a voice at the other end of a phone call. Our team has decades of experience working with businesses like yours. We know what to ask so we best understand your diesel needs. We partner with you in managing those needs by working with you to plan and schedule bulk diesel deliveries, track your diesel usage so you can plan your delivery schedule even more precisely and reduce fuel theft. And if you need a fueling station at your business or job site, we can do that, too!

Does your business require diesel fuel delivery in Cumberland County, York County or in nearby communities here in southern Maine? Contact PitStop Fuels, and we’ll go to work for you!