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Pre-Buy and Fixed Price Payment Plans

Enrollment Is Open—so Act Now!

fuel payment options maineAfter the uncertainty of the last 16 months, the opportunity to take control of some part of your life sounds good, right?

You can do exactly that with your propane and heating oil costs by enrolling in our Pre-Buy or Fixed Price programs! Enrollment is going on now and it’s only for a limited time. So now is the time to sign up and go into heating season with some security.

Why Is Pre-Buy A Good Deal?

Propane and heating oil prices fluctuate frequently throughout the year. Supply and demand are a major cause of this, but other factors can drastically change the price you will pay at any given time.

Geopolitical unrest can cause fluctuations in fuel prices, which can be unpredictable. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and ice storms may also have lingering effects.

With Pre-Buy you can buy your needed propane or fuel oil supply before heating season with agreement on a price per gallon. No matter what happens with propane prices this winter, your cost per gallon stays the same.

Not only does this give you security in your costs, but you also buy your fuel at the time of year when prices are often at their lowest.

Pre-Buy customers also get automatic deliveries for even more peace of mind!

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Price?

With Fixed Price, you don’t have to buy all your fuel in advance. However, you do get to lock in your price per gallon for your propane.

You’ll get peace of mind. No matter what happens in the fuel markets, your price for propane and heating oil is secure.

Payment Options Help Control Your Costs

Fuel usage—and your bills—going up and down make it hard to plan your household spending. Our EZ Pay Budget Plan is a solution!

With our convenient EZ Pay Budget Plan, we estimate your annual propane costs and divide them into even, monthly payments. You’ll never have to worry about sudden spikes in your bill amount or spending more money than you planned. There are no hidden fees and it’s all spread out evenly.

Because you know exactly what you’ll be paying each month, it will be easier for you to create a monthly household budget and stick to it. You can make managing your payments even easier our AutoPay program! Put your debit or credit card on file and your bills are paid automatically each month without the hassle of calling in, logging in online, or mailing in a check!

If you use a credit card through this program, rewards points will accumulate each month. Whether it’s travel, shopping, or cash back, you’ll get your rewards sooner!

Get your fuels costs under control this year with our pricing and payment options. Contact us today to learn more and enroll!