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Furnace Maintenance is not a DIY Project

Trust the professionals at PitStop with your propane furnace!

furnace repairHeating your greater Portland home is responsible for around half of your energy costs during the winter season.

What’s keeping your home warm? Your propane furnace! This is a critical, and costly, piece of equipment. The national average cost for replacing a furnace is $4,313 and can go over $6,000 or more for newer, high-efficiency systems.

Your propane furnace is a big investment. That investment, and the safety and comfort of your family, deserve proper maintenance from trained, experienced professionals like the service technicians at PitStop Fuels.

DIY is a safety risk

Your propane furnace is part of a complex system that heats your home. There are a lot of moving parts. It uses fuel that can, in rare instances, can create carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and can be lethal for you and your family. If CO builds up in the bloodstream, it replaces the oxygen in your red blood cells. That means vital organs like your brain, heart and lungs aren’t getting the oxygen they need to function. CO poisoning can cause serious injury or death.

Your propane furnace also has electrical components operating in close proximity with combustible fuel. This is not a job for amateurs.

DIY maintenance can damage your propane furnace

There are no online videos or home improvement books that can make you able to handle all you can find when you try to perform maintenance on your propane furnace by yourself. You likely also don’t have the tools and equipment you need to do the job like our service techs can! You also don’t have the experience or training to spot problems that can be easily fixed before they become bigger problems. And if you make a mistake, your furnace may run inefficiently, improperly, unsafely, or not run at all.

DIY system work can void your propane furnace’s warranty

If you check the warranty for your propane furnace, you’ll probably find that documentation of regular maintenance by a professional service technician is required to keep your warranty valid. Tackling maintenance yourself may violate your warranty, making it void.

Annual maintenance from PitStop Fuels is reasonably priced, and much more affordable than repairs or other costs caused by doing it yourself.

Can’t remember the last time your system had a tune-up? It’s likely been too long! Schedule an annual tune-up of your propane furnace. Contact us today to get started.