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commercial fuel supplier maineSouthern Maine has a diverse range of businesses including construction, tourism, events, hospitality, logging, commercial fishing just to name a few.

Many of those same businesses use gasoline and diesel fuels for their hauling, trash removal, generators, delivery, commercial vans, and more. To keep their fleets fueled and systems running smoothly—all while keeping an eye on their bottom line—they need a diesel and gasoline supplier they can count on all year long.

PitStop Fuels has been meeting those needs for Southern Maine businesses for more than 30 years—with many clients partnering with us for decades because of our dependable service!

Local, Reliable Fuel Delivery

Our staff knows this area and knows businesses like yours.

Because we’re locally-based, we promptly respond when you need us. Our delivery drivers are trained and experienced, so you know that your diesel and gasoline deliveries will be executed properly and safely.
With our established relationships with suppliers, you can be assured that we will always be able to deliver the gasoline and diesel fuels your business needs no matter the urgency or situation at-hand.

Customized Service

The PitStop Fuels commercial fuels experts thoroughly go over your business’s needs when it comes to diesel fuels. With that information, we’ll help set up delivery schedules, so you can have that peace of mind that your gasoline and diesel supply is always going to be there when you need it most. You won’t lose time and productivity waiting for a delivery or having to go to a filling station.
An additional benefit of getting your diesel fuels delivered by PitStop Fuels is that on-road diesel purchased at a filling station to use on off-road equipment has a federal excise tax added to it. But the dyed off-road diesel we deliver is not subject to the excise tax. That will save you money right out of the gate!

Our pricing for gasoline and diesel is competitive, fair, and transparent, with no surprise or hidden fees. We don’t do bait-and-switch deals. We’re the company you count on for life.

Contact us today to learn what PitStop Fuels can do for your local business here in the Greater Portland area—and beyond!