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Does Your Heating Oil Tank Need To Be Inspected?

Save Yourself From Added Hassles and Expense!

fuel tank inspection service maineHeating oil tanks can last for decades. But they don’t last forever. Having your heating oil tank regularly inspected helps to catch signs of problems before they become more complicated—and potentially costly. Here are just some of the issues we look out for when performing inspections:

The most common reason for heating oil tank failure, however, is something you don’t catch in the early stages: corrosion from inside the tank out.

How Does Heating Oil Tank Corrosion Occur?

Condensation buildup occurs when there is more air than oil inside your heating oil tank.

The buildup creates condensation that runs off and sinks to the bottom of your tank. Once there, it creates an environment perfect for sediment to grow on.

That sediment is corrosive and can also clog the fuel lines in your home if not dealt with appropriately!

Avoiding Heating Oil Tank Corrosion

If you keep your heating oil tank at least 50% full, you will significantly lower the condensation buildup and therefore protect your heating oil tank. This is especially true during the spring and summer.

At the end of heating season, we recommend filling your tank with oil to prevent condensation and corrosion. This will make your heating system ready for use as soon as you need it in the fall—and don’t worry, your heating oil won’t “spoil” or “go bad” for the few months between seasons!

If it has been a while since your heating oil tank was professionally inspected—or you can’t remember the last time it was inspected—call our team of professionals for in-home service! We can assess the quality of your tank and provide any recommendations that are necessary. PitStop Fuels also offers a heating oil tank protection program!

Automatic Delivery Helps Protect Your Heating Oil Tank!

When you enroll in Automatic Delivery for your heating oil, you never have to worry about your heating oil tank running out of fuel. We calculate when you will need a refill through an analysis of previous usage records factored alongside the weather conditions. With that information, we deliver your heating oil before you run low.

You can count on the experienced heating oil pros at PitStop Fuels to keep your heating oil tank full—and up to code! Become a PitStop customer today and enjoy the security that comes with Automatic Delivery!