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Does Heating Oil Cost Less Than Electricity?

Keep Your Home Warm—For Less—With Heating Oil!

home heating costs maineWhen it comes to rough Southern Maine winters, we hear our customers mention more times than not that an electric heating system just isn’t up for the job—and aren’t exactly an economically sound option either, especially when compared to that of a heating oil-fired system.

With heating oil delivery from PitStop Fuels plus the installation of one of our high-efficiency oil-fired furnaces and boilers, you get a lot more bang for your heating buck!

Heating Basics

Oil heat gets your home warm faster than any other fuel source. It’s true! Thanks to its even and efficient heating, your heating system doesn’t have to cycle on as frequently or run as long as an electric heating system.

Electric heat pumps can only heat air to about 98˚ Fahrenheit. They have to work harder—and longer—than oil-fired furnaces and boilers to heat your home and need to cycle on far more often to keep it at that set temperature.

The average low temperature in January in Portland is 16˚ Fahrenheit. Imagine an electric heat pump trying to keep your home warm in those conditions. Then imagine your electric bill for doing exactly that! OUCH!

Electricity Is An Environmentally UNFRIENDLY Heating Choice

There is a movement afoot in towns, cities, states, and organizations to make homes convert to electric heating. However, it’s not necessarily a good idea for your finances—or the environment. The cost of converting homes to electricity can reach tens of thousands of dollars. And you still may need supplemental heating like your oil-fired boiler or furnace because electricity simply can’t get the job done (as we’ve mentioned above.)

When it comes to the environment, electricity isn’t that great an option either. Close to half the electricity generated in the country comes from coal-fired power plants. More than 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States each year are from the production of electricity. The only thing generating more greenhouse gas emissions is that of transportation.

There is also a sizable energy loss in getting electricity from the power plant to your home. It takes three units of source energy to deliver one unit of electricity. More coal must be burned, generating more greenhouse gases, to deliver electricity to our homes. In a world that sees more and more “going green” initiatives with each passing day, electric units arguably do more to contribute to the problem itself!

The heating oil of today is not the heating oil of your parents’ or grandparents’ time. Today’s ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) that PitStop delivers to homes across the area burns nearly 95 percent cleaner than heating oil did 50 years ago—so make sure you ditch any preconceived notions about heating oil being a traditionally “dirty” fuel as well!

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