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Diesel Fuels for Southern Maine Businesses

Local, Dependable Diesel Fuel & Gasoline Delivery

There are so many businesses all over southern Maine that depend on gasoline and diesel.

Lumber companies, construction companies, courier and delivery companies, food-service companies, landscapers, caterers, beverage distributors, moving companies, warehouses, florists, commercial fishing enterprises, hotels and resorts, farmers, party and event companies, golf courses, waste haulers, bus and shuttle companies, all use gasoline or diesel to run their equipment, their fishing boats, and their fleet vehicles.

When these southern Maine businesses need diesel fuel or gasoline, they can’t just head over to the gas station down the road for refueling. Sometimes that gas station is in the next town and that fueling trip can take an hour or longer. Local businesses need on-site bulk gasoline and diesel fuel so that they can keep the job going with minimal downtime.

Local business owners know that they can depend on PitStop Fuels to provide prompt, safe and professional fuel delivery service.

Save Your Business Time—and Money!

PitStop understand the needs of southern Maine businesses. For over 30 years, our business has continued to uphold our high standards in providing quality products, fair and transparent pricing, and outstanding personal service for our customers. These qualities are what make PitStop Fuels stand head and shoulders above fly-by-night discounters that come and go.

PitStop Fuels is your best option for providing gasoline and diesel fuel services and solutions for your southern Maine business. We offer on-road and off-road diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your commercial fuel needs. We can:

  • Help you plan and schedule your diesel fuel and gasoline deliveries
  • Track your commercial fuel usage for better planning and reduced fuel theft
  • Help you plan a fueling station at your business or job site

Local governments also depend on commercial fuels to keep the snowplows going in a nor’easter, the trucks and equipment that handle street repairs on the job, and commercial mowers working, making sure our parks are neat, clean and safe for our families. PitStop Fuels can provide the gasoline and diesel fuel to do all of that and more.

Does your business need diesel fuel delivery in Cumberland County, York County or in nearby communities here in southern Maine? Contact PitStop Fuels, and we’ll go to work for you!