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Heating Oil Delivery in Maine

Trust PitStop Fuels to Deliver the Heating Oil You Need!

Since 1986, PitStop Fuels has been a heating oil delivery service provider that Mainers in the greater Portland area can count on for safe and dependable delivery of heating oil to their homes.

Heating oil discounters may dangle cheap pricing while selling oil of dubious quality, with no service and no promise to deliver the fuel you need when you need it. PitStop Fuels treats you like the neighbor you are.

As a PitStop Fuels customer, you get reliability, because we have an ample supply of heating oil and we’re a full-service heating oil company. Our pricing is fair and transparent, and you can check our daily prices anytime!

Easy, Convenient Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

When you sign up for automatic heating oil delivery, the experts at PitStop Fuels estimate your heating oil usage based on your past usage and the current weather. We then schedule a heating oil delivery to your home before you can run low.

No more having to remember to go outside or down to the cellar to check your heating oil tank gauge level. No more having to call to schedule a delivery. We take the work and the worry out of your hands.

If you choose to call to schedule a heating oil delivery, be aware that we usually schedule between two and five business days ahead, so don’t wait until the tank gauge reading is below 30%, especially if there’s bad weather in the forecast. You may end up needing an emergency delivery.

PitStop is Here to Help!

It’s not just our home heating oil delivery that is easy. We make managing your heating oil costs simple too.

With EZ Pay, you don’t get hit with all of your heating oil costs in the winter. You spread them out in 12 even payments over the year, which makes planning your home budget easier.

Our AutoPay option lets you have your monthly heating oil bill automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your checking account. You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your heating oil bill will be paid on time, even if you forget.

When you need heating oil delivery in Cumberland County, heating oil delivery in York County or delivery elsewhere in southern Maine, you can trust PitStop Propane and Fuels to be there for you. Get in touch with us today and begin enjoying the benefits of being a PitStop customer!