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Oil Tanks

Oil Tank Service in Greater Portland and beyond

PitStop Fuels installs and services residential oil tanks

People generally don’t think about their home heating oil tank very often.

After all, how much are you around it? Your heating oil tank is either underground, outside, or tucked in a corner of the basement. Out of sight, out of mind.

It usually only comes to mind when you need to check the fuel tank gauge levels to see if you need a heating oil delivery (automatic delivery takes this job off your to-do list, by the way).

The worst time to think of your heating oil tank is when it’s leaking and you have to deal with it right away.

That’s why you should depend on a full-service home heating oil provider like PitStop Fuels.

The professionals at PitStop Fuels provide quality heating oil tank installation, maintenance and repairs. We also offer tank protection that will cover you in the event of a leak.

It can be hard to see that your heating oil tank is failing, because that failure usually starts on the inside and works its way out. The culprit is condensation, which forms in the empty space inside the tank. The water drips off the walls and sinks to the bottom of the tank. Down there, it creates an environment ripe for sediment, and that causes corrosion.

Here are some signs that your current aboveground heating oil tank may need service or possibly replacement.

  • Blistering in the paint on the underside of the tank
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Condensation on the outside of the tank that remains even after a heating oil delivery

If you’re looking to take care of your heating oil tank, or need to replace it, PitStop Fuels has the experienced and trained oil heating service technicians who are up to the job.

Today’s heating oil tanks are designed for durability and protection against leaks. We can install your new tank correctly the first time so you’ll know that you don’t have to worry about leaks.

PitStop Fuels also makes sure you have the heating oil in your tank to keep your southern Maine home warm, safe and comfortable. Don’t forget to ask about our options, including automatic heating oil delivery and our EZ Pay budget plan.

PitStop Fuels is your go-to company for all things oil tanks. Get in touch with us today to learn more!