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Get Your Heater Ready for the Winter Season Ahead

Utilize Our Quick Checklist Here—Before the Temperatures Drop Any Further!

heating service maineWho wants to deal with winter home maintenance chores while also dealing with snow removal? No one! It’s why it’s of utmost importance to start preparing for winter before it shows up on your doorstep. In fact, right now is the perfect time to start tackling your winter checklist. Here are 6 steps to prepare and protect your home for the coming months here in Southeastern Maine:

1. Check on Your Heating System Health

If you feel comfortable with the tasks and you’re handy, change out the air filter and test the igniter switch. If it’s been a while since an expert serviced your heating system, we’ll take care of you. Just make sure to get on our schedule as soon as possible!

2. Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

The hotter, summer weather can cause the seals around your windows to crack over time. You might not notice in warmer months but leaks and cracks can leave you facing a chilly home—and higher heating bill—in winter. As part of your winter home maintenance, feel around your home for any drafts. Re-caulk or install weather stripping as needed to keep your home toasty.

3. Switch Ceiling Fan Rotations

Change your ceiling fan direction to clockwise! This pushes the warmer air near your ceiling down into the room. This simple swap is key in rooms where you run your fans even in the winter, such as using your fan for white noise to help you sleep.

4. Prepare Your Pipes

A frozen pipe is a nightmare of a hassle. Insulate your pipes to protect yourself against a water shortage or a major flood. This helps keep them from freezing and makes your home’s hot water system more efficient, saving you serious bucks. Also, if you’re leaving town this winter, keep your thermostat at 55 degrees F or higher so the radiant heat from your house can keep water flowing through your pipes.

5. Clean the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace that you use during the winter, whether for heat or just the aesthetic, this is the time to have it cleaned. This is a must; the buildup is flammable and can pose a serious hazard.

6. Check on Your Hot Water Heater

Now’s the time to flush out your hot water heater to remove any sediment. You’ll also want to ensure it’s working properly. No one wants to deal with ice-cold water in the dead of winter.

Preparing your home for winter can lighten your energy bill, make you more comfortable indoors and provide peace of mind. Start tackling your winter checklist today so you can kick back and relax when the temperatures drop. If you need a hand with maintaining your furnace or water heater, contact PitStop today—we’ll be happy to help!