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Installing A Propane Water Heater: 6 Benefits

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Why you should make the switch

Your water heater may not be something you think about much, but when it comes time to pick one, take some time to think.

You’d be surprised at the impact your decision could make. First of all, water heating accounts for nearly 20 percent of your home’s energy costs. Then there’s your family’s comfort, your home’s carbon footprint, and your property value to consider.

All of these factors are why PitStop Fuels recommends propane water heaters to our neighbors here in southern Maine. Our trained and experienced service technicians install top-quality Rinnai water heaters, and provide maintenance and repairs to keep them running at peak efficiency.

Here are six reasons why your next water heater should be powered by propane:

Bang for your buck

Yes, propane water heaters cost a little more upfront than electric water heaters. But in terms of long-term value, they leave electric water heaters in the dust. Combine installation costs, life expectancy, and BTU’s per dollar, propane comes out at about 30 percent less costly than electricity over the course of a water heater’s lifetime!


Propane water heaters last up to a nearly decade longer than their electric counterparts, on average.


No one likes having to wait to take a shower in the morning. A propane water heater heats water almost twice as fast as an electric model, which means less waiting. Want zero waiting? Get a propane tankless water heater and have endless hot water on-demand.


Propane gas is extremely difficult to ignite, which is a major risk when it comes to electric water heaters. Propane is also non-toxic. And because our PitStop Fuels technicians are well-trained in all things propane safety, you can be assured that with us, your water heater is installed and maintained to the highest safety standards.

Environmental friendliness

Propane water heaters produce about two-thirds the greenhouse gas emissions that electric water heaters do, and that number goes down to around 50 percent when you use a tankless water heater.


If the power goes out and you have an electric water heater, hope you like cold showers. If you have a conventional propane water heater with a tank, you will likely still have hot water in the downtime.

Ready to enjoy the comfort of a propane water heater? Contact the pros at PitStop Fuels – we’ll get you set up!