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Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full: Here’s Why

Protect your heating system and home!

heating oil tank gauge maineYou know how cold winters here in Maine can get. Here in Bridgton, the average low in January is just 4 degrees. And those bone-chilling temperatures are right around the corner.

That makes keeping your home’s oil heating system in good running order paramount. If it conks out, your home can get dangerously cold. Pipes could be under threat to freeze and burst.

How to prevent tank problems

One important thing you can do to help make sure your heating system keeps running strong is pretty easy: Make sure you keep your heating oil tank at least half full with heating oil from PitStop Fuels.

Why is this so important? Because when your heating oil tank contains more air than heating oil, water condensation develops on the interior walls of the tank as temperatures change. Condensation drips down into the oil and sinks to the bottom of your tank. When that happens, microorganisms and sediment get to work creating a couple of potentially major problems.

The first problem is the development of sludge. A buildup of sludge in your heating oil tank eventually goes into your fuel lines and clogs them up. This can not only lead to inefficient heating, it can cause your heating system to break down. If that happens, you’ll be dealing with potentially expensive repairs. And at that point, you won’t have heat in your home.

That sludge also helps cause corrosion inside your heating oil tank. Corrosion is something you usually won’t see until it’s too late, and that’s when your heating oil tank develops leaks. Stopping condensation can help prevent a heating oil tank failure that means messy and expensive cleanup and having to replace your heating oil tank.

By the way, keeping your heating oil tank at least 50 percent full matters just as much in summer as it does in winter. So, at the end of heating season, top off your heating oil tank. You’ll be protecting your tank and you’ll be a step ahead when chilly temperatures return!

Keep condensation away by checking your oil tank gauge levels regular and getting heating oil delivery from PitStop. Scheduling a heating oil delivery from PitStop is easy-peasy. Just go to our Order Fuel page and get started. Current PitStop customers can order through their online account.

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