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Late-Season Heating Troubles To Beware Of

Now Is The Best Time To Take Care Of Your Furnace Or Boiler!

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Just because we’re in the heating season home stretch doesn’t mean you should ignore any problems with your home heating system. To put it simply: Why put it off until next year?

If you have any of these problems with your furnace or boiler, get in touch with us right away to avoid a potential no-heat emergency or the headache of having to deal with it the first night the temperatures dip come this fall!

Warning Signs That Your Heater Needs Care

  1. Heated air is not coming through your vents.
  2. Your pilot light, if you have one, is yellow.
  3. You are using the same amount of fuel, but your fuel bills are noticeably higher.
  4. You hear grinding or banging sounds when your heat is running.
  5. Your baseboards will not heat up.
  6. Your system will not stay on or doesn’t turn on at all.
  7. Your system will not turn off.

Late-season heater issues will not fix themselves, and the longer you wait to address a problem, the more expensive and difficult it will become to resolve.

Get Your Tune-up Done NOW!

If your furnace or boiler is in good running order and doesn’t have any problems, you should take advantage of this time to get your heating system its maintenance tune-up now.

First, this gives PitStop Fuels trained service technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your heating system. They can spot and fix small problems now before they become bigger and more expensive to fix.

Second, scheduling now is easy! Our service department can be more flexible with scheduling at this time, as most people are thinking about getting their central air conditioning systems ready for summer—and tanks have all been filled from the chilly temperatures of the past February.

Third, getting your tune-up now puts you ahead of the game. You know sudden cold snaps can come early here in southern Maine. Whenever it happens this fall, you can be confident that your furnace or boiler is ready to go!

Fill Your Oil Tank Now Too!

If you use heating oil, get your tank filled as the heating season winds down. A full tank protects your tank from condensation building up inside the tank, which eventually can lead to corrosion of the tank from the inside out and tank failure. Condensation builds up more easily in warm weather that the spring and summertime bring.

You’ll also be ready to turn on the heat whenever cool weather arrives in the fall.

If you’re looking for fuels or service in Cumberland County or York County—you’re in luck! We offer delivery of heating oil, kerosene and propane, as well as installation, service and repairs of home heating and home comfort equipment. Check our searchable ZIP Code database to see if PitStop Fuels serves your community, today!