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PitStop Fuels makes your life easier!

The internet has transformed our lives in so many ways the last few decades.

We can find out what’s going on anywhere in the world, 24/7. We keep in touch more easily and often with family and friends. We can shop for cars, groceries, you name it, from the comfort of our couch. We can work at home, and no one will know that we’re wearing pajama bottoms and fuzzy bunny slippers.

And with an online PitStop Fuels account, you can manage your account with us easily and whenever it is convenient for you too!

Online Account Benefits

When you have an online account with PitStop Fuels, you are in charge of how and when you manage your account.

You’re no longer limited to regular business hours when it comes to contacting us to schedule a heating oil or propane delivery, or to ask questions about your account or our services.

The advantages of having an online account with PitStop Fuels are many.

Think about all of the mail that comes into your home: Bills, catalogs, cards, letters, sales flyers, magazines, solicitations from charities and politicians, and more!

But when you open an online account with us, your statement is not going to get lost among all that mail. You’ll always be able to find your statement because it is right there in your online account! Sign in and you can check your statement and pay your bill in moments. And because our payment system is secure, you can feel at ease paying your bill online. You can also review past statements and check your fuel delivery history.

Another advantage of going online is that you can check your PitStop Fuels account anywhere you have access to the internet. Whether you use your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet, you can log in. Whether you’re on vacation, visiting family out of town, or on a business trip, PitStop Fuels is here for you!

Have questions about creating or using an online account with us? Contact us. We’ll be glad to help out!

Enjoy the ease and convenience of an online account this winter season and beyond. Enroll today!