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PitStop Fuels: Your Dual Fuel Provider for Heating Oil, Propane & More

One bill, one crew, one company!

Pitstop Fuels dual fuel provider

If you use both propane and heating oil in your greater Portland home, why not do some one-stop shopping?

You don’t need a propane provider and a separate heating oil provider or any of the hassle that goes with multiple contacts and bills. Get both handled by PitStop Propane & Fuels!

Many homes in and around southern Maine use both heating oil and propane. For instance, some may use heating oil for home heating, and propane for appliances including water heaters, ranges and cooktops, fireplaces, space heaters, whole-house backup generators and more.

Both fuels offer their distinct advantages. If you live in an older home that’s long been heated with oil, you don’t have to convert. And propane, as shown above, is incredibly versatile and does a lot to enhance the quality of life in your home.

There’s no reason to have separate providers for each fuel. Simplify your life and use PitStop Fuels for both your heating oil and propane.

Here’s what you get as a PitStop Fuels dual fuel delivery customer:

Here’s what you don’t get, or, rather, no longer have to worry about:

Like what you’re seeing? We’ll be glad to tell you all about how PitStop Propane & Fuels can make your life easier this winter, and in the seasons ahead.

PitStop Propane & Fuels is southern Maine’s leader in providing reliable delivery of heating oil, propane, kerosene, diesel and more. Become a customer today – we’ll be happy to help you, too!