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Will My Propane Appliances Freeze In The Winter?

Learn How To Protect Your Home’s Propane Supply For The Winter Elements.

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If you’re worried about the effects of extreme cold on your home’s propane appliances, we have some information for you.

The freezing point for propane is -44˚ Fahrenheit. The lowest recorded temperature in Portland is -20.9˚, set in 1983. But go inland and up to higher elevations here in southern Maine, and it can, in fact, get even colder!

So, while it’s unlikely your propane will ever freeze, there are some things you should still be aware of. Like all liquids, propane contracts when it is cold outside. In cases of extreme cold, the volume of the propane inside your aboveground propane tank shrinks. That shrinkage creates a loss of pressure. If that pressure gets too low, the propane inside your tank won’t be able to reach your gas burner. You may not be able to run propane appliances like your furnace or boiler, which, of course, is a bad thing to happen in the midst of those conditions.

Prevent Risks To Your Propane Supply

We have put together these tips so you can have peace of mind in knowing that your home’s propane supply, and thus your home, are safe. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or sacrifice when it comes to protecting your propane supply in cold weather!

Keep your propane tank gauge level at 30% at least. This helps keep positive pressure in your tank. (Note: You’ll always be sure that you have enough propane if you enroll in Automatic Delivery!) We’ll use data from your prior propane usage history and factor that alongside current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need propane and get it to you before you run low.

Clear snow off the propane tank as soon as possible. Yeah, that blanket of snow is pretty when it’s freshly fallen. But on a propane tank, it prevents sunlight from adding some much-needed warmth to your tank and the propane inside it. When you clear snow off your tank, use a broom and NOT a shovel. Shovels’ edges can damage the tank and its parts. And while you’re outside, kill two birds with one stone and remove snow and ice from vents and flues to allow your appliances to vent properly and safely.

Lower your thermostat. By setting your thermostat at a slightly lower temperature, your propane furnace or boiler won’t be operating as frequently. That allows pressure in the propane tank to build and be maintained at a safe level.

Help us, help you. When clearing your driveway, make sure it is cleared wide enough for our delivery trucks to get down your driveway. Also clear a safe path to your tank, and mark where the tank is with a flag or a pole or stake with a brightly colored fabric or flag tied to it, tall enough to see over snowfall and snow drifts, so our delivery driver can find your tank in heavy snow.

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