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Exploring Residential And Light Commercial Propane Applications

PitStop is the propane company you can count on!

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If you’re new to propane, you may only know it by using it with a BBQ grill. But propane’s versatility, efficiency, and clean-burning make it a workhorse at home —and on the job.

PitStop Fuels has been providing homes and businesses all over Southern Maine with dependable propane delivery and service for 35 years!

Propane Improves Life In Residential Homes

Propane does so much for your home, both indoors and out.

It keeps your home comfortable with energy-efficient heating and water heating. You can enjoy cooking on a propane range or cooktop with the luxury of precise and instant temperature control.

Propane clothes dryers get your laundry dry 25% faster than comparable electric models. You also get less wear and fewer wrinkles.

Keep the lights on, the food cold, and the electronics charged in times of need or amidst an emergency with a propane whole-house backup generator.

You have peace of mind with propane because it’s in your propane tank right at your home! No reliance on some far away grid or utility. And with our reliable Automatic Delivery, having propane is work-free and worry-free!

Outside, propane for your BBQ grill is just the beginning. propane can be used for deck and patio heating, pool and spa heating, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor lighting, and even mosquito traps.

There are loads of great things to do outdoors here in Maine, and propane makes many of them better as well! Camp in comfort with a propane tent heater. Propane can be used many ways in your RV, where you can use propane for cooking, heating and air conditioning, water heating, and refrigeration. Whether you are camping or hitting the road in your RV, propane can also power your camp stove.

Propane Fuels Business Growth And Success

Propane’s versatility is shown in its wide range of commercial uses.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens aren’t dependent on access to natural gas to turn out high-quality food in large quantities. Propane forklifts move materials for construction, manufacturing, retail, warehouses, distribution centers, and more with greater production than their electric counterparts. Propane-powered temporary heating equipment allows work to be done at unheated construction and job sites. In landscaping, propane powers commercial mowers, providing money savings and a competitive advantage with customers concerned about environmental friendliness.

School districts, businesses, and municipalities are converting their fleet vehicles to propane autogas. Its clean-burning dramatically reduces emissions and also creates less wear on engines, helping them last longer with less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Whether you need propane for your home or business (or both!)—you can count on PitStop Fuels for responsive, courteous service in and around Southern Maine. Become a customer today!