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How Could Your Local Business Benefit from Propane?

Propane is a Smart Choice for Your Commercial Business

commercial propanePropane is a versatile and affordable fuel for an extensive range of commercial and industrial uses. Because propane burns both hot and clean, commercial propane appliances and heating systems are highly efficient, with ratings well into the 90s. With that kind of performance, choosing propane is a great decision for your business. 

From agriculture to manufacturing, landscaping to restaurants, businesses throughout southern Maine rely on PitStop Propane and Fuels for all their commercial propane needs! Our services range from professional set-up and support to dependable deliveries all year long.

Here are just a few of the ways propane can work for you:

Commercial Kitchens & Hospitality

Professional chefs appreciate the precise control they get cooking with propane. But it also is an efficient and eco-friendly option for water heating for dishwashing and commercial laundries, too. Here are several other commercial entities that can benefit from propane gas and their respective heating systems:

Forklifts & Cylinder Exchanges

Whether you’re getting merchandise off trucks and onto shelves or moving building materials quickly and efficiently around worksites, forklifts are essential for a variety of businesses.

Propane-powered forklifts are workhorses that take minutes to refuel with a new cylinder rather than hours to recharge. They also run at full power until the tank is empty and are safe to use both indoors and out. Plus, they give off far fewer emissions than diesel-powered options.

Manufacturing & Construction

Propane’s versatility is a plus on any job site. In addition to forklifts, it can be used to power all kinds of equipment on your construction site, including:

Agriculture & Landscaping

Propane is a clean fuel to power mowers with much lower emissions than old-fashioned gas or diesel mowers. Farmers can use propane for a broad range of applications:

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As a local company, PitStop can be a real partner for all your commercial and industrial propane needs. We bring local knowledge and can assist with permitting and so much more. We’ll additionally help you assess your needs to get the best value from propane for your business. This includes the installation of any systems you need, as well as timely, reliable propane deliveries to make sure your operation runs smoothly all year long.

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