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Buying or Selling a Propane-Heated Home

Everything You Need to Know for a Smooth Move

propane home maineWhen you’re house-hunting, you’ve got a lot to think about. Just some of those things include location, school district, commute time, and of course, style. While not the most “glamorous,” considering the systems and fuels that run your new home are equally as important.

If you’ve never lived in a propane-heated home before, you might be surprised to know all the benefits they offer. Propane is one of the cleanest, most versatile, and most efficient fuels around. It’s a domestically sourced alternative fuel that can provide steady, reliable heat energy at an affordable price. Even though our bitter Maine winters, customers keep cozy with propane. And while some homes still get their primary heat from oil, propane also offers exceptional performance and efficiency in a wide range of home appliances, as well as supplemental heat, at a much lower cost than electricity.

Propane is a Considerably More Efficient Fuel Source

Propane generates more BTUs than an equivalent amount of electricity; that means you need much less propane to produce the same amount of heat or energy. Also, propane appliances are incredibly efficient as well, so they waste very little fuel in the combustion process. On the other hand, about two-thirds of the energy used by a power plant to generate and transmit electricity is wasted.

Simply put, propane can offer more bang for your buck, all while protecting the environment. It’s a win-win for customers who care about the environment, but also want to keep costs under control. 

Propane is Versatile Inside…and Out!

Because propane is so efficient, it’s a smarter choice than electricity for a wide variety of supplemental appliances, in addition to heating your home. For example, propane water heaters generate much more hot water at a cheaper cost per gallon. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, homes that heat water with propane rather than electricity can see average annual savings of $174.

The same technology that makes propane ideal for water heaters makes it a smarter choice than electricity to power all kinds of appliances that use hot water or heat:

Another benefit? When storms knock out power, a propane-fueled backup generator will keep your lights and everything else running until the utility companies can make repairs. In addition, a gas stove will continue to work during a power outage. Now that’s convenient!

Making the Move

Have you decided to make the move to a propane-fueled home? Congratulations! Here are a few things to consider:

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or new to the state, PitStop Propane and Fuels can help make heating your new home easy, with reliable propane deliveries and heating oil, too! In addition, we offer smart payment plans to help keep fuel costs manageable and so much more. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to help.