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Is Propane or Natural Gas Better for Heating?

The Important Factors to Know When Comparing Two Popular Options

home heating maine A chilly, snowy southern Maine winter is no joke! So, when it comes to heating your home throughout the season, gas is a common and popular option for a variety of reasons. But if you have a choice between utilizing propane or natural gas, how do you know the best option for your home? While there are similarities, there are important differences to distinguish. It’s smart to consider the benefits and downsides of both.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the bigger points:

Understanding the Benefits of Propane Heating

What are the Cons of Propane Heating?

Understanding the Benefits of Natural Gas

What are the Cons of Natural Gas Heating?

What About Energy Costs?

Both natural gas and propane are subject to market fluctuations that will affect price. In addition, a dollar-for-dollar comparison is tricky, because propane is measured by the gallon while natural gas is measured in cubic feet.

When you convert the units and compare average rates, usually natural gas usually looks less expensive, but the comparison is still misleading. Because propane delivers more energy, you need twice as much natural gas to achieve the same amount of heat.

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The cost of every form of fuel and energy continues to be volatile. The cost of switching out equipment should also play a role in your choice. If your heating system is new and working well, you may be better off sticking with it.

That said, if you are replacing your system or building a new home, PitStop’s team of propane professionals will help you with the installation of everything from your propane storage tank to in-home heating equipment. We’ve also got your back with multiple options to help you manage your costs, including monthly budget plans that give you level payments, as well as pre-buy and fixed price options that can help eliminate price volatility all year long.

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There’s a reason homeowners and businesses in southern Maine have trusted PitStop Propane and Fuels for over thirty years to keep their homes comfortable all winter long.

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