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How do I Make Propane Safety Fun for Kids?

propane safety with kids Southwest Maine

Teach your children the facts about propane safety

As a parent, you’ll do anything to keep your kids safe.

You put locks on the lower cabinets. You make sure they have the right car seat for their size, and that it’s properly installed. You store medications out of sight and out of reach. You teach them about what to do if a stranger approaches them. You slather the sunscreen on them on a sunny summer day.

And if you live in a propane-powered home, you need to be sure that everyone there — including the kids — know what to do in a propane emergency.

In this case, keeping your children safe doesn’t have to be a chore or a lecture. Instead, it can be fun! Yes, really!

The Propane Education and Research Council is an outstanding resource for parents when it comes to teaching their kids about propane safety. They’ve developed materials to help parents do that.

We’ve put together some ideas from PERC so you can get started teaching your kids propane safety.

Ways To Teach Kids About Propane Safety:

Put the kids in charge: Giving a child some responsibility, and praising them for seeing it through, is a great confidence-booster and will help your lessons stick. Make your child (or children) the home inspection Safety Ranger for your Maine home. Use this Checklist to teach your children which appliances in your home use propane, what propane smells like (rotten eggs!), where the gas and carbon monoxide detectors are located, and more.

Let your child be a part of safety planning: Designate a location a safe distance from your home where everyone in your family will meet in an emergency. Your children can make a sign for your meeting place. They can make their own, or use this template from PropaneKids, fill it out and color it in.

Practice makes perfect: Doing something is a great way for kids to learn. Role-play a gas leak so your kids can practice your propane emergency safety plan, including getting to the meeting place.

Make it fun! PERC’s PropaneKids website offers a plethora of fun, educational activities for your kids to learn about propane safety and all things propane. There are interactive games, coloring pages, science experiments, videos and more!

Keep your children interested and engaged, and they’re more likely to remember the lessons you give on propane safety and what to do in an emergency. This learning can save a life, and also give you a chance to have some fun with your kids!

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