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Propane Safety In Winter Weather

Keep your home warm and your family safe this season

winter propane safety maineYou know that winters here in the greater Portland area can get pretty wicked with both snow and icy temperatures. That’s why you need to know how to keep your home warm and safe when the worst of the bad winter weather hits. We’ve put together a few tips for you to help you out this season!

Tips on staying safe with propane

  1. Watch your propane usage. Ahead of a storm, you should have enough propane to last at least a week. That’s because if the roads are bad (or impassable), deliveries could be impacted. Keep an eye on your propane tank gauge levels. If your propane tank is around 30 percent or less, contact PitStop Fuels to schedule a propane delivery as soon as possible.
  2. Don’t use outdoor propane equipment indoors. NEVER use your propane BBQ grill, portable generator, or any other outdoor propane appliance inside your home. They can create a buildup of carbon monoxide that may become deadly. Also, don’t store propane cylinders like the ones you use for grilling in your garage, shed or three-season porch.
  3. Use your programmable thermostat smartly. Use less propane by setting your programmable thermostat on as lower a temperature, especially during the day when no one is home. This will help conserve fuel, and save you money in the process by using less energy.
  4. Make sure your propane tank is accessible. Keep a clear path to your propane tank. Use a stake with a bright flag next to the tank and visible above snow so our delivery driver can find it. Your driveway also needs to be cleared with a wide enough path so our bulk delivery trucks can safely drive down it to reach your propane tank. If they can’t get down your driveway and we can’t reach your propane tank, we will have to reschedule your delivery.
  5. Keep vents clear. Use a broom to safely clear snow and ice off and from around chimneys, vents and flues so your propane appliances are able to vent fully.
  6. If you smell gas, get out. If you detect the rotten-egg smell of propane inside your home or in the area around your propane tank, don’t delay in getting everyone out of the house RIGHT AWAY. While leaving, don’t use any electrical switches or phones. Make sure to extinguish all ignition sources such as candles or cigarettes. Once everyone is safely away from the area, call PitStop Fuels or 911 for further assistance.

PitStop Fuels is your reliable provider of safe, prompt propane and heating oil deliveries throughout the bitter cold Maine winter has in store – and all year ‘round! Become a customer today and enjoy the benefits, today.