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The Ultimate Propane Spring Cleaning Guide

Get Your Home Prepared For The Warm-Weather Fun Ahead!

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There’s a lot to do as spring is underway here in Southern Maine.

One of those primary tasks is partaking in some spring cleaning in and around your home. As you begin to clean out the closets and vacuum the curtains, don’t forget to pay some attention to your home’s propane appliances, too!

Here are some of the essential things you should do:

Give Your HVAC System A Tune-Up

If you use propane for home heating, you know what an efficient fuel it is for keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Keep it running at its peak efficiency with regular maintenance. This is an ideal time to schedule a tune-up for your furnace or boiler, as the heating season is ending, and A/C season hasn’t begun in earnest. You’ll be able to get an appointment at a time that better fits both your—and our—schedule. Plus, no need to worry, it’s not going to “wear off” by the time the fall season comes back around!

Get Your Propane Grill Ready

As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be using your propane BBQ grill with far more frequency. Make sure it is clean and safe to use with a thorough cleaning. Here’s what to do:

Tend To Your Propane Clothes Dryer

Vent blockage can dramatically reduce the flow of air to the dryer, reducing its efficiency.

This not only can raise your energy costs, but it can also create a fire hazard. Clean your propane clothes dryer’s exhaust fan using a brush made for this job. You can find one at your local home improvement store or online.

Give Your Propane Oven A Cleaning

Winter is always a busy time for ovens, what with holiday meals and weeknight sheet-pan suppers. Throw in stress baking, and your propane oven is probably looking a little grubby right now. Don’t put off dealing with it any longer. Follow the directions on this blog to do a proper job and get your oven a fresh, clean start for the season ahead.

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