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Propane Tank Installation in Southern Maine

Need a Propane Tank Installed? Trust PitStop Propane and Fuels to Do the Job!

There are several reasons you might need a new propane tank at your Southern Maine home.

  • You are adding propane to your existing home for heating, water heating, cooking or more.
  • You are building a new home and plan to use propane equipment and appliances in it.
  • You are changing propane providers and need a new tank.

PitStop Fuels can help no matter why you need a propane tank. We have the knowledge and experience that comes with serving the needs of Mainers like you for over 30 years, and we put that to work to make sure you get the right propane tank for your home. We also provide safe and proper tank installation and service so that you won’t have any worries about your propane tank.

Propane tanks from PitStop Fuels are ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) tanks, meaning the design and standards are governed by ASME. They are made with thicker steel and are slightly heavier than similarly sized DOT tanks. ASME tanks are designed for stationary installation and not for being moved when containing propane. There is no re-certification period required.

What is the Right Size Propane Tank for My Home?

Propane tanks are not one size fits all. Even if you and your neighbor have the same size house, you may not need the same size propane tank.

Why? Because one factor that determines the right size of tank is the propane equipment and appliances in your home. You may be using propane for home heating, cooking and water heating. Your neighbor may be using it only for cooking.

Here are some propane tank sizes and a general guide to what they’re used for:

120-gallon tank: For one or two propane appliances, including a fireplace, stove, clothes dryer or water heater.

propane tank sizes100-pound tank: For only one appliance, like a stove, a cooktop or an indoor propane fireplace.

150-gallon tank: For two or three low-Btu appliances, such as water heaters, ranges, wall heaters and space heaters. This size is not large enough for whole-house heating, however.

250-gallon tank: For three or more propane appliances, but not for whole-house heating.

500-gallon tank: For whole-house heating and propane appliances including ranges, water heaters and fireplaces.

1,000-gallon tank (or larger): For large homes with propane heating, several propane appliances, and possibly propane pool or spa heaters.

Whatever size of tank you need, PitStop Fuels will install it safely and cleanly, and will provide a safety certification for your home after performing a thorough inspection of your propane tank and appliances.

And when you need a propane tank refill, PitStop Fuels is here for you with prompt, reliable, safe and courteous propane delivery.

PitStop Propane and Fuels provides safe and professional installation of propane tanks at homes all over Southern Maine. Ready to enjoy the benefits of propane? Contact PitStop to learn more about what we can do for you!