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Ease the Sting of Winter Fuel Costs

PitStop Has Multiple Ways to Help!

home fuel pricing maineFace it. Our lives are busy. Who has the time to scrutinize utility bills? Many of us just receive them and pay them, and they vanish for a month. But why get hammered by fuel bills every winter while also facing extra holiday season expenses? PitStop Fuels has the ways to help manage your fuel budget and dodge the fiscal wallop of winter.

During a particularly cold winter, which is forecast for this one ahead, you open your fuel bill with a sense of dread. For 30-plus years, PitStop has learned that every customer is different, with different needs. That’s why we offer outstanding programs aimed to make your life a little easier. Let’s look:

Take the Online Leap

To get started, make sure to launch a PitStop Fuels account, which offers several convenient features such as online bill pay, delivery scheduling and email billing. All this is accessible 24/7/365 from both your smartphone or right through our website! We provide you the security of knowing that you’re in control when it comes to both your propane and oil tank refills and your budget.

Make Things Automatic

You get ease and freedom from worry with automatic propane delivery. Here, we’ll look at your fuel propane usage and factor those patterns alongside the current weather conditions to estimate how much fuel you will use. Then, we schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. No need to call in—no need to watch your gauges in the frigid temperatures!

EZ Pay, EZ Life

PitStop’s budget plan gives you peace of mind by letting you spread your propane and oil costs into level monthly payments. It also lets you better plan your monthly budget. The EZ Pay program also offers an Auto Pay option, which saves you even more time and hassles. This allows for your monthly payment to be automatically deducted from your checking account or charged to a credit card. You’ll know your bill was paid on time, and you don’t ever have to go hunting for your statement or a stamp!

Wireless Tank Monitoring Makes Things Super Easy

We can install a wireless tank monitor for you this season! This device attaches right to your tank and keeps track of exactly how much fuel is always in your tank. We always know your tank gauge levels—and so will you—thanks to a mobile app you can download right to your smartphone! Ask us more about this service today.

Get Your Fill-Up Now and Save!

Are you currently a “Will-Call” customer—or are you looking for a new supploer this season? Don’t wait to fill your tank! Choose PitStop and get a 100-gallon minimum fill-up by October 31 and enjoy 10 cents off per gallon with payment spread equally across two months! **

Who doesn’t want a little less hassle in their lives—especially when dealing with your fuel bills? Contact PitStop Fuels today, we’ll be happy to help!

**Credit card on file is required. Total billable amount must be received within 60 days’ time. Please speak to a customer service representative for details.