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Vented and Vent-Free Space Heaters to Keep Home Comfy

Avoid the discomfort of a chilly home this winter season.

space heater options maineThe forecast for the coming winter is being described as a “season of shivers.” If that holds true, that will prove to be especially harsh here in Southeastern Maine.

With that in mind, if you have unheated or underheated spaces in your home you want to utilize all season long, now is the time to make sure that you’ll be able to this winter by having PitStop Fuels install an efficient propane space heater!

You can enjoy the view from your sunporch, work in your garage, and more with our vented and vent-free space heaters. They’re also great for home additions and sheds.

Propane heaters are very energy-efficient, with some models achieving an efficiency rating of nearly 99%. That means that out of every dollar you spend on propane, up to 99 cents will go towards heating that room.

Our equipment experts will help you choose the right propane space heater for your needs. One factor we consider is the size of the space you want to heat. You don’t want to choose a space heater that doesn’t give off enough BTUs for your space. Conversely, a space heater that gives off many more BTUs than needed for heating your room is wasteful as you’re using more propane than needed.

Vented and Vent-Free—What’s the Difference?

Vented propane heaters have a chimney and/or vent pipe built into them and are vented out the exterior of a residence. Any potentially harmful combustion byproducts are vented to the outdoors, keeping you and your family safe. They offer more precise temperature control.

However, because vented space heaters must be placed on an exterior wall, your options for where they can be positioned in the room may be limited. Installation takes longer and is more expensive than vent-free heaters.

Vent-free heaters don’t require ductwork or vents, making installation quicker and less expensive than vented heaters. Because vent-free heaters don’t need access to an external wall for venting, they may be installed where vented heaters can’t be.

These heaters are available in a variety of sizes. You can choose between infrared heating, which spreads warmth into the space, and blue flame heating, which uses convection to heat the area.

Today’s vent-free propane heaters come with safety features like oxygen depletion sensors, overheating protection, and automatic shutoff. Because exhaust is released inside the home, it is illegal to install vent-free heaters in rooms where people sleep. Some towns or cities may ban them altogether. Check your local codes before you choose a space heater.

Keep your spaces warm and comfortable no matter what Old Man Winter sends our way. Contact us to get started on adding propane space heaters to your home!