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How to Spot Potential Propane Tank Problems

Get Familiar With the Warning Signs

propane tank service maineYou probably haven’t thought about your propane tank in a while. So long as it’s not empty, it shouldn’t even cross your mind. And that’s fine! Propane tanks typically require little maintenance and they’re built to last a long time. But eventually, they need do need their proper maintenance, and in due time, need to be outright replaced.

Most residential, above-ground propane storage tanks should last about 30 years, although factors like the weather and climate can potentially shorten the lifespan. We inspect your tank for signs of age every time we deliver fuel, but you should know the telltale signs that you may need a service call. Here’s some important things to look out for:

  1. Propane Gas Odor: This is a sign of a leak. Propane gas has an additive that makes it smell like rotten eggs, so it’s easy to detect. Know what to do when you smell gas. Immediately get everyone out of the house, including pets, and contact us from a safe distance. Also call 911. Do not return home unless a professional says it is safe to do so. 
  2. Pilot Light Problems: Pilot lights on your furnace or other propane appliances that go out frequently or don’t stay lit can indicate a tank problem or a blockage in the gas line. Contact us if your pilot lights keep going out. 
  3. Yellow Burner Flames: Propane flames should be blue, NOT yellow or orange. If your stove burners or pilot light flames are yellow or orange, it could be a sign of a problem with your tank—especially if multiple appliances are directly affected.
  4. Rust and Dents: A little rust or a few small dings are not a problem, but you should keep an eye on them. Large or deep patches of rust and bigger dents can cause leaks and allow moisture into the tank—two problems you want to avoid.  

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If you notice any of these problems, have us come take a look. If you need a new tank, we can install it safely and cleanly, and perform a thorough inspection of your propane appliances and provide safety certification for your home.

And when you need a propane refill, PitStop Propane and Fuels is here for you with prompt, reliable, safe, and courteous propane delivery. Have more questions about your propane tank or any of the services we provide? Contact PitStop to learn more about what we can do for you.

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