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Should You Top Off Your Heating Oil Tank Before Summer?

PitStop Fuels Helps Protect Your Heating Oil Tank!

spring oil top off maineThis time of year, we’re putting away the winter clothes and getting out the lighter jackets and tops, eager for warmer weather and getting outside.

That’s why you may be surprised that now is also the time to get your home’s heating oil tank filled. You may wonder, “Why? I don’t need heating oil in the summer. I’ll do it in the fall.”

There are multiple—and important—reasons why filling your heating oil tank in the spring makes sense. One reason is that heating oil prices tend to be lower in the spring than in the fall. It’s simple supply and demand. In the fall, more people need to fill their heating oil tanks. Doing it now can save you some money. It can also save you some hassle. If southern Maine is hit by an early cold snap, you don’t have to worry or scramble to get that fill-up.

Something else you can do to make sure you always have enough heating oil is to enroll in our Automatic Delivery. We track your heating oil usage and schedule a delivery to your home before you run low!

A Heating Oil Tank’s Worst Enemy: Condensation

When your heating oil tank has more air than oil, condensation begins to develop on the interior walls of the tank. This condensation accelerates in warmer weather.

Condensation is bad for your tank in more ways than one. It encourages bacteria growth in your heating oil. That bacteria can lead to sludge in your heating oil, which clogs your fuel lines, reduces the efficiency of your heating system, and, if the lines are fully clogged, your furnace or boiler won’t get fuel and your heating system will break down. You’ll have no heat, alongside an unsightly repair bill.

Eventually, that condensation will drip from the interior tank wall. And, because it’s heavier than your heating oil, it will sink to the bottom of the tank. Once there, the condensation begins to make a perfect breeding ground for sediment. Sediment leads to the corrosion of your heating oil tank from the inside out.

If the corrosion causes a tank failure, you not only will have to replace your heating you tank, but you also need to hire a professional to safely remove your failed tank, as well as cleaning up spilled oil to regulatory standards.

Keep your heating oil tank safe by topping off your oil tank in the Spring months. Contact us today to schedule a heating oil delivery!