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Service Your Heating System Now… Not Later!

The Advantages Of Spring Tune-ups For Furnaces And Boilers

spring hvac tune-up maineBefore you get back to planning your Memorial Day cookout, there’s something you need to do: Schedule the annual maintenance tune-up of your home’s heating system with PitStop Fuels!

You may think that this is something that can wait until fall… but that’s actually not the case. Now is the time to get it done, and for several reasons!

One reason is convenience. This time of the year is often referred to as a “shoulder season” in the HVAC business. Our service department isn’t getting calls for furnace or boiler repairs as heating season is over, and air conditioning season has yet to fully begin.

As spring tends to be a quieter time for HVAC service technicians, you have a better chance of getting a tune-up appointment for a day and time that fits your schedule. If you need repairs, they can be done faster and easier than in peak season mid-fall.

By having your furnace or boiler get its maintenance tune-up now, it will be ready to go whenever you first need it in the autumn season. Doing it now makes life easier later!

Benefits Of Annual Heating System Maintenance

Protect your investment. Four out of five equipment breakdowns could have been prevented with regular, professional maintenance. That’s because in addition to performing a tune-up, our service technicians do a careful inspection of your furnace or boiler. They can detect and fix problems before they become worse and cause a potentially costly breakdown. That can lead to a much longer life expectancy for your furnace or boiler.

Cut your heating costs. When your furnace or boiler has regular maintenance, it will run at peak efficiency, using the least amount of energy possible for heating. That can substantially lower your energy bills.

Keep the warranty intact. Many warranties for furnaces and boilers mandate annual maintenance by a professional service technician. Not getting regular maintenance may void your warranty, leaving you on the hook for future repair costs.

Additional Spring Heating Tips

If you use heating oil to heat your home, now is also the time to get your heating oil tank filled. Condensation forms on the bare walls inside a heating tank, and eventually drips down and sinks to the bottom of the tank. There, it creates sediment and bacteria which could lead to the development of sludge and corrosion.

Filling your tank now means you’ll be ready whenever cold weather hits next fall and won’t have to worry about having enough heating oil to get through it.

Contact us today to schedule your heating system’s annual maintenance tune-up!