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Heating Oil, Propane, Gas, Diesel, and More!

Why Deal with the Hassle of Multiple Fuel Suppliers?

commercial fuels mainePlenty of homes here in Southern Maine use both propane and heating oil to keep comfortable. And why not? Heating oil is a great choice! Today’s ultra-low sulfur heating oil makes it as green a choice as most of the other options—plus, it generates a very high number of BTUs of heat energy per gallon. It’s a smart choice for our frigid winters! Meanwhile, propane is a versatile, ecofriendly, and efficient choice for appliances like clothes dryers, cooking ranges and fireplaces as well as water heaters.

So, with all those smart and efficient choices, why would you get your fuel from multiple dealers? That’s two accounts, two bills, two deliveries, two phone numbers. What an unnecessary hassle! Why not make your life easier with a single dealer for all your fuel needs?

Need a Local Fuel Delivery?

If you already trust PitStop Propane and Fuels for heating oil deliveries, you know how convenient it is to work with us. And we offer all the same great services for propane as for heating oil:

We Go Well Beyond Just Heating Oil & Propane Services

Most customers know us for our heating oil, and propane delivery, but we offer the same reliable service for kerosene and diesel, too! Homes with outdoor storage for their heating oil rely on kerosene in our area because it doesn’t gel in frigid temps. Plus, kerosene can be used to fuel stoves for cooking, making it a versatile option for more remote homes.

Commercial and agricultural customers also utilize diesel for a wide range of equipment and vehicles as well as generators. Having an on-site supply saves time and money for your business. We also supply diesel fuel and gasoline for municipal fleets, such as school buses, emergency vehicles, snowplows, and salt spreaders. Farmers, businesses, and institutions throughout southern Maine appreciate the value they get from PitStop’s decades of experience in the area.

Looking for a dual-fuel supplier before the winter season? Find out why PitStop is southern Maine’s go-to for home and business fueling! We have the experience and the resources to help you streamline—one bill, one account, one call. Contact us today for more details.