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The Power of Diesel

Exploring the Applications of This Mighty Fuel

diesel provider Standish, me When it comes to fueling heavy-duty vehicles, it’s all about power. Gasoline just doesn’t deliver the torque that’s needed to handle all that hauling, pushing, and pulling power: Think dump trucks, farm equipment and construction vehicles, as well as those long-haul 18-wheelers. Those types of fleets require the power of diesel fuel.

While part of the difference between gasoline and diesel is how they are formulated, the main difference is the engines—and how they burn fuel. While gasoline and gas engines are lighter and deliver higher performance and more speed, diesel fuel and diesel engines are very efficient and powerful. (You’ll never see a race car with a diesel engine.) Gas engines work with spark plugs to ignite the fuel and start the combustion process. Diesel engines use compression to start the combustion process.

Powering Your Business

Discover how our fleet fueling services deliver the power of diesel to your business. Whether you need to fuel trucks, construction vehicles or farm equipment, when it comes to keeping your fleet on the road or on the job, Pitstop is here for you. We provide large commercial on-road/off-road diesel deliveries to clients of all kinds – from gas stations and government agencies to schools and corporations. We’ll help you do it for less with great prices and high-volume discounts.

Right Fuel for the Right Job

If you’re currently buying on-road diesel from a gas station for your off-road equipment, you are paying unnecessary taxes. From a chemical perspective, both fuels are identical. However, on-road diesel is clear, while off-road diesel is dyed a red color. That’s because off-road diesel is only for use in farm vehicles, construction equipment and vehicles that do not operate on public roads. Fuel for those types of vehicles is not taxed, so the cost is lower. The red dye identifies off-road diesel as untaxed fuel—and the fines are hefty if you get caught using it on an on-road vehicle. We’ll make sure you’re fueling your vehicles with the right fuel.

Delivery You Can Count On

Pitstop has decades of proven on-site, on-time deliveries. We deliver to construction sites, trucking companies, farms, manufacturing and processing facilities, and more. The team at Pitstop will work with your company’s fuel purchaser to customize a delivery schedule based on your current and future needs. Our staff has fuel management expertise that takes the stress and guesswork out of commercial fuel deliveries. We provide easy ordering and on-time deliveries so you can keep your focus on your business and your fleets on the road.

We know how important it is for you to get your diesel fuel on time. And if unexpected problems arise, we can usually handle same-day emergency deliveries.

That’s why so many of our commercial customers have been with us for years. They know that they can absolutely depend on us for timely, affordable bulk deliveries of premium diesel fuel.

Our commercial and business partnerships are important to us, and we provide the same superb and attentive service to our commercial accounts as to our residential clients. We’re committed to delivering real value that goes beyond competitive prices.

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