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A Guide to Heating Oil: ULSHO 101

What is ULSHO? And what makes it a better fuel?

eco-friendly home fuel maineHave you heard about ULSHO? If you haven’t you might be surprised to learn it’s actually fueling your home heating equipment right this moment.

ULSHO stands for Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil—and it’s the best choice for keeping your southern Maine home warm, safe, and comfortable! And since 2018, every gallon of heating oil delivered in Maine is required to be ULSHO.

That ultra-low sulfur part is what makes the ULSHO delivered by PitStop Fuels dramatically different than the heating oil of just a generation ago.

ULSHO must contain 15 parts-per-million (ppm) or less of sulfur. That massive decrease in sulfur is better for the environment, better for your home’s heating system, and better for your wallet.

ULSHO: A Cleaner And Greener Fuel

Reducing the amount of sulfur in your heating oil is a great benefit to the Maine environment we cherish. ULSHO produces almost zero particulate emissions. Using ULSHO lowers sulfur dioxide emissions by 75% and nitrous oxide emissions by 10% from traditional heating oil. Both sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide are greenhouse gases, a major contributor to climate change.

The Benefits Of ULSHO In Your Home

Because ULSHO produces such high BTU’s (British Thermal Units), you get outstanding efficiency when it comes to heating your home, meaning you reduce your fuel usage, and your home heating bills, while not sacrificing a smidgen of comfort!

Reducing the sulfur in your heating oil is also great for your home’s furnace or boiler. Sulfur building is a common cause of breakdowns in heating systems, and ULSHO leaves fewer deposits on parts within your furnace or boiler. That means there’s less wear on your heating system, so it can last longer. And less wear and tear also means fewer breakdowns so you won’t be paying as much for service calls and repairs throughout its life span.

PitStop Fuels: Your ULSHO Resource!

PitStop Fuels is southern Maine’s leader when it comes to ULSHO delivery and service. We always have an ample ULSHO supply, so you have peace of mind that we’ll have heating fuel for you when you need it most.

We also offer reliable, safe ULSHO delivery—You can also choose Automatic Delivery for even more peace of mind! And with our pricing and payment options, you take more control of your heating oil costs.

Enjoy the benefits of ULSHO with prices, service and delivery options that can’t be beat. Become a PitStop Fuels customer today!