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Unplug Your Electric Water Heater For 2 Main Reasons

Achieve Some Added Comfort With A Propane Water Heater!

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Think about all the ways hot water is essential to your home. Hot showers and baths. Clean clothes. Clean dishes. Clean house!

More and more people here in Southern Maine are discovering that inefficient electric water heaters just don’t cut it—and are having PitStop Fuels install high-efficiency propane water heaters that provide more comfort for less money!

What gives propane the advantage over electricity when it comes to water heating? Two big things.

Water Heating Performance

Time moves slowly after someone’s taken a shower—especially if you’re forced to wait for an electric water heater to do its work and reheat more water so you can take your turn.

A propane water heater gets your water hot much faster. In fact, propane water heaters can produce twice the amount of hot water as a comparable electric model in the same amount of time. And you can end the waiting game altogether with a propane tankless water heater, which gives you all the hot water you want—on-demand—no matter what other appliances in the house (washer, dishwasher, etc.) are running!

The Money Savings Of Propane

Propane water heaters cost on average about 30% less to operate than electric water heaters. That number goes up to nearly 50% with propane tankless water heaters. When you think about how water heating makes up close to 20% of your home’s energy costs each year, you realize what a great investment a propane water heater is!

While propane tankless water heaters do have more up-front expenses, you get more for your money over its shelf life. The first return on your investment is the money you save on monthly energy costs. But that’s not all. Your propane tankless water heater lasts 20 years or longer, compared with barely 12 to 14 years for a conventional electric water heater.

Not only is this efficiency good for your wallet, but it’s also good for the environment.  A propane water heater produces about half as many carbon emissions as an electric water heater with a storage tank.

More comfort, more efficiency, and more bang for your buck. What’s not to love?

Count on PitStop Propane and Fuels for reliable propane delivery for your water heater and other propane appliances! Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make for you.