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Heating Oil Delivery for Portland and surrounding communities

You can count on PitStop for dependable heating oil services

The average high temperature in January in the Portland area of southern Maine is 31 degrees. The average low temperature is 13 degrees, with a strong possibility of it being even colder.

On days like that, you want a heating fuel that can stand up to the cold. That fuel is heating oil. Why? Because heating oil gets your home warmer faster than any other fuel source.

heating oil delivery southern maine

PitStop: Quality service at a great price

For more than 35 years, PitStop and the Lampron family have been delivering fuel in greater Portland.

From Otisfield to Old Orchard Beach, our experienced and professional heating oil delivery drivers will provide safe heating oil delivery as well as respect your home and your time.

As far as pricing for our heating oil and kerosene, we’re so proud of the great prices we offer that we put the price right on our home page! No gimmicks, no games.

We’ve got kerosene!

Lots of homes in southern Maine use kerosene for home heating.

The big advantage kerosene offers is that there is no gelling in frigid temperatures. Gelling is where fuel oil thickens, and it can reduce or maybe even block the flow of heating oil into your home’s heating system. If that happens, your heating system could break down and you’ll need a service call to get that fixed so your heat is back up and running.

Mobile homes and homes built on slab foundations need to store their heating oil outside. For those homeowners, preventing gelling is critical.

Kerosene also offers versatility. It can not only heat your home, it can power stoves for cooking and lanterns for lighting. Both of those are advantageous in a power outage.

Trust PitStop for reliable and safe delivery of heating oil to your greater Portland home. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and become a customer!